A multi-cultural food court that is situated in THE PLOT on Union Street (at the back).

Jabulani - Why, How, When?

Jabulani was founded in 2020. The idea of creating a food hub came from a DBI (Diversity Business Incubator) networking event with women from diverse communities who were highly skilled chefs. They loved cooking for their family, friends and communities but didn’t have the space to express and talk in length about the food in their culture and associated skills.

Through networking and communication, the idea of creating this space came about that could not only accommodate them within the community, sharing their food and culture, but also making it as a business. So, Jabulani is that space where dialogues are formed from food but it is also giving back to the Black and Asian women community from the South West by supporting them to flourish and succeed. 

Currently, Jabulani has three local businesses – The Jabulani Coffee which is single-origin coffee sourced from Rwanda, run by Liliane herself and Hana, African Delight run by Clarise and Sarrah, and Elsie’s Habesha Cuisine by Elizabeth.

What do we stand for?

Jabulani helps create belief in people from diverse communities to build thriving food businesses that are rooted in the community


To create a vibrant and supportive community for businesses owned by individuals from diverse communities.

Education / Employment

To dismantle the barriers that startups face and help them to thrive and prosper.

Culture / Celebration

To cultivate an inclusive and welcoming environment where people can connect with different cultures through food.


Jabulani is a welcoming and inclusive space for people from all backgrounds.

Shared Experiences

Jabulani promotes shared experiences that bring people together.


Jabulani is committed to fostering a resilient community that can overcome challenges and thrive.


Jabulani believes in the power of food and community to transform lives.

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